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Homeopathy (Homœopathy)


"Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy". - Deepak Chopra


Skinny Love HCG Drops owe part of their ongoing success to the fact that they are homeopathic, or more correclty, homœopathic in essence. They are safe to use as they only contain the "vibrational essence" of the hormone - indeed they technically contain no hormones! - but rather give the body, which could be likened to an organic, bio-computer, the "vibrational imformation" or "imprint" of hCG.


Homeopathy was invented by Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician who had become dissatisfied with the medicine of his day. Much has been written on the topic, and although there are seemingly as many advocates as there are skeptics, the fact is that Skinny Love HCG Drops have been shown time & time again to work wonders! As a homeopathic formula, not only are you getting the original benefits of the Dr. Simeons protocol, but you are also working with the natural wisdom of your body!


Dr Hahnemann discovered that “the lower the dose, the greater the effectiveness”. Homeopathic remedies are created by breaking down a crude substance (the mother substance) and diluting it in a stepwise fashion, referred to as “potentiation”. Most homeopathic substances are so diluted that there may be no trace of the original molecular substance. The imprint or signal that remains is the stimulant for the body to heal itself. (


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