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There are 3 phases to the HCG Diet:


Phase 1:  2 days eating high fat food while taking the drops.


Phase 2: 40 days low cal diet while taking drops.


Phase 3:  3 weeks maintenance, adding dairy and carbs back into the diet having no drops.


Then the option to start another round is there if you wish to lose more.



Phase 2 - The Diet Phase


Morning: On waking record your weight,


Take 10 drops have lemon water, coffee or tea or herbal tea (be consistent, up to 3 a day with milk but have as much herbal tea as you like)


Drink as much water as you can about 1 litre in the morn & 1 litre in the afternoon.


A few hours after waking have an apple (or other fruit), maybe another hot drink. About an hour or two before lunch take 10 drops.


Lunch: eg: Salad (lettuce tomato onion red pepper, oil free dressing, 100g seasoned meat)


About two hours later 10 drops. (have another 1 litre water till bed, its critical to shift the excess fat)


Afternoon tea: fruit. Another hot drink if you choose.


Dinner: eg: (100g steak or other meat) a piece of steamed sweet potato, cauliflower, beans (or other veges) and gravy (1 heaped tsp powderd gravy mixed with water)


Spread the drops throughout the day depending on your daily regime, its ok to take them 4 times a day if that works better for you, you can snack on green stuff like cucumber, lettuce and celery or other raw veges with low cals between meals (cals do not count) and have sugar free lollies to curb sugar cravings.


The drops store the fats in your body differently to any other diet which is why if you just did 500 cals without the drops you would be putting your body into a starvation mode and slowing your metabolism and would feel weak. The drops use the fats as fuel, which is why a pregnant woman produces this hormone to store excess (fat) for the baby.


Your body will use your existing fats if you do not put more fats or sugar into your body during this diet phase, which is why you are on a low cal diet, this is how you get rapid weight loss and the hormone keeps you feeling satisfied and energetic as it also acts as an appetite suppressant.


The fresh fruit, fresh variety of vegies & protein (with live enzymes) and 2 litres of water a day are the optimum food choice to getting the best results. If you over indulge one day it can stall the weight loss for a few days, best to do a ‘’plateau shift day’’ the next day eg: 6 apples, water and drops only (in the menu). If you did your own 500 cals, you would have to eat foods with no fat or sugar and keep carbs to a min as they convert to sugar and fat as well. If you are vegetarian then use a calorie guide and have at least 2 meals a day with protein.( Google a quick calorie guide if you are from another country.


The Drops are Homeopathic, all natural, no known side effects other than feeling headachy during a detox phase in the first few days as the toxins shift while you decrease carbs in your diet (only some people experience not all).


Vitamins are OK but if you have any health concerns and are on medication talk to your doctor. A lot of peoples ailments are contributed to weight so consequently as the weight comes off, a lot of people come off a lot of medication.


Women breast feeding need to wait until they are comfort feeding as their body is still producing HCG.


No exercise is required, but gentle exercise would be beneficial.


This plan is designed as a detox to shift your metabolism and reset your hypothalamus which in turn helps you metabolize better, so be dedicated and you will get results!

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