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Are there side effects from using hCG.?

Slight headaches are rarely reported as mild side effect from detoxing, that is not a side effect of taking our hCG drops. Homeopathics have no side effects. Drinking plenty of water will ease any headache or detox symptom.

Can I take hCG while using birth control?

hhCG has not been shown to interfere with birth control.

What is the difference between hCG drops or tablets and hCG injections?

hCG drops or tablets are taken under the tongue and directly absorbed into the blood stream. Our homeopathic hCG drop formula does not require a prescription. hCG injections must be prescribed by a doctor and are administered by injection into muscle tissue.


Should women start taking hCG when on their period?

The best time for women to start the hCG weight loss program is immediately after their period or menstruation cycle.

Should I have a prescription and doctor involved while using hCG tablets?

Whenever considering a weight loss program, fat loss diet, or are considering making major changes to your diet, consult with your healthcare provider. No information on this website should be misinterpreted as medical advice nor should replace it. With that said, hCG homeopathic drops do not require a prescription.

Can vegetarians use hCG for weight loss?

Yes vegetarians can use hCG for weigh loss following the Vegetarian protocol. We supply you with a complete list of the foods allowed on the hcg diet. 

Can pregnant women use this diet?

It is not advisable to diet while pregnant as you are feeding your baby. Check with your doctor.

Can hCG be used while breastfeeding?

It is best to ask your doctor though it is known that hCG is naturally produced by women during pregnancy and menstruation.


Can men use homeopathic hCG drops for weight loss?

Yes, men find great success in using hCG for weight loss.

Wouldn't I lose 1 to 2 pounds without hCG if I was eating only 500 calories?

If you attempted to lose weight by only following the HCG 500 calorie diet it would eventually back fire because your body would think that you were starving and would begin to store additional fat. Conversely, "what happens if i take hcg and eat normally"? Numerous clients have attempted this with a range of feedback, if following a kero-friendly diet plan the benefits are still usually noticeable though the weight loss may not be as pronounced. 

How much weight can I lose per day?

1/2 to 2 lb (1/4 -1 kilo) per day. Or 30 lb (13 1/2 kilos) per month.

Can I work out and exercise?

Yes but Dr. Simeons says not to start anything new as far as strenuous exercise is concerned. If you are already doing it then continue but know that you will not have the stamina you expect, also if you fatigue the muscles they will retain fluid and you will gain weight. Most people figure out how to cut back on the workouts without cutting it out completely. Walking is always good.

Can you overdose with the hCG homeopathic drop formula?


Can you feel aches and pains with this diet?

Some people experience them. When the fat disappears so quickly, the muscles are at a bit of a loose end. They are normally packed up against the fat and when the fat disappears, they need to acclimatise to the new environment. It's a temporary, very mild affect to do with adjustment to your new, slimmer body.

Can you have hair loss with this diet?

You can have some hair loss if your hair follicles are unhealthy. Hair loss is not a side effect of the hCG remedy it is what can happen when you detox as you lose weight. It is good to lose the unhealthy hair, like your hair follicles are detoxing as well as your body. Then your hair will grow back in a healthy way.

Where can I purchase the hcg diet near me?

Answer: We mostly sell online but also have a select group of distributors. Contact for details.


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