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"Hi my name is Julia Linaker. My story begins - my sisters naturopath got my sis and her husband and 3 teenage daughters doing homeopathic hcg drops. She told me over the phone what it was about and as soon as she told me 500 calories I tuned out and told her she was crazy. A few months later she came to visit and they all looked great with heaps of energy. When they left my husband said he wanted to give it a go. My sis sent me the email I read and researched further to find a hcg diet near me. The more I read the more sense it made. We ordered your hcg drops and started. We both started at 148 kgs. I am now 97 kgs and my husband is 129 kgs. I've had greater success because I continue to refresh my memory and continue to research food. I was morbidly obese for 25 years I never want to be that fat person again. Thank you Skinny Love for making your HCG drops affordable." - Julia, QLD

"I have just completed my second round of Skinny Love HCG using the 'Plus' drops and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I have lost 30kg over my two rounds, and am feeling so energetic and happy! I still have 30kg to lose but I am halfway through my weight loss journey. It's great to be getting so many comments and compliments on how I'm looking, and I'm looking forward to my next round and achieving my goal! I can't recommend Skinny Love more highly for those looking to drop excess kilos!" - Richard


"My weight has been yo-yo ing for the last twenty years.
I have tried many products with not much luck.
Skinny Love HCG has given me a whole new life. On the 8th of April 2016, I weighed in at 183kgs, now my weight at 8th of July is 173kgs. Yay !!!! (10 kgs lighter)
Recently I saw my Specialist & GP & they are both impressed with my weight loss and gave me encouragement to continue with this program.
My Family have noticed a change in my face and body shape.
Thank you Julia Linaker for introducing me and encouragement and Skinny Love HCG for an amazing product."
- Sally Turnbull, Chinchilla Qld.


"The fact that the product works is beyond! A+ shipping so fast!!" - Tafea, Melbourne

"I just wanted to let you know that after putting on 30kg after a couple of years of illness, I am up to day 25 and have lost 11kg. Gotta be happy with that. Kind regards Holly"

"Hi, I've recently lost 18kg with the Skinny Love HCG Plus drops! 
Your drops have seriously changed my life! My energy levels are through the roof, my diet is remarkably better and my outlook on life is so much more positive. I'm so thankful I found this diet - it's working! And I'm hoping to reach my goal prior to my best friends wedding in early October."
- Richard

"I lost 16 kg's and felt healthier when I was on the hcg diet than I have for a long time. I also was healed of an ovary cyst whilst taking the drops. I have maintained the weight for 2 months. The maintenance drops were what kept me focused on the weight loss. They are necessary I believe. I recommend this to anyone.

p.s. I would love to go on the drops again...I just can't afford to lose any more weight! :D"

- Joanne

"I started my HCG journey in December 2014. Since then I have lost 13kgs and gone from a size 14-16 to a 10-12. I won't say it's been easy, but I can definitely say it's been worth it. I've struggled with my weight all my life and have tried many different diets over the years, each one resulted in a greater weight gain than before I started. Skinny Love HCG drops have been a life changer for me. I now have a whole new understanding of the foods that cause me inflammation. If my weight begins to climb again I go back to basics and the weight comes back off again. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I no longer have type 2 diabetes, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal and I have a lot more energy." - Karen, NSW

"Great stuff. I lost a lot of weight then I stopped for my birthday celebrations.
I have not gained a pound. I am looking forward to doing the next round. bless"
Constance, QLD.


"I came home from a girls weekend away heavier than I'd ever been, including heavier than any of my four pregnancies! My big clothes were starting to get tight !
Luckily at the girls weekend I saw a friend I haven't seen for years and she was looking fantastic!! She introduced me to HCG and I've never looked back. I'm now 14 kilo lighter and only 6 kilo from my final goal. There is no way I would have achieved these results without the help of skinny love HCG drops Australia ! 
Yes it requires commitment and dedication but the results are there for the effort you put in !!
Thankyou thank you thank you." - Lisa, QLD

"I lost 19 pounds but it is amazing because it is all from my fat 😆 so happy! It is really nice everybody who see's me wants to order it too" - Ghada, Michigan USA

"I love Skinny Love HCG, I lost 20 pounds and i'm so happy. I am trying to lose this weight for more than one year and I couldn't (after researching and trying many diets claiming how to lose fat). Only with Skinny Love HCG I could. All my friends in USA are now doing the same diet. Thank God and thank you Skinny Love HCG, because everything in me has changed. Now im going to start one more time to lose another 20 pounds." - Ghada, Michigan USA


"I am a great believer in Skinny Love and have recommended it to my friends and people who ask how I have lost my weight.

I am 67 years old and 169 cms in height and on March 9, 2015 I weighed 105 kgs and started my Skinny Love weight Loss regime. I carefully documented everything I ate and faithfully took my drops 3 times a day. I did 4 rounds and finished my last round on 10 September at 63.6 kgs. I am currently 65.8 kgs after Christmas, New Year and visitors for 1 month, and am going to do one more round in March to get down to 60 kgs. I found the program easy to follow, and I followed it to the exact letter. Of course, there were times of celebrations, eating out, etc., but I found it easy to make smarter food choices in restaurants. My husband has also lost 20 kgs and my 2 best friends have lost 15 kgs each. I have completely retrained myself regarding my food choices and am happy eating leafy green vegetables and fruit with a much smaller serve of protein than I used to eat. I will be eating this way for the rest of my life as I have seen how easy it is to maintain your weight loss if you stick to the principles. And the best part is NO EXERCISE." - Audie

"Just an update on my week 1 progress, 
I've lost 3.1kg and 12cm !!! Quite happy with that and haven't felt hungry at all !!" - Suzzane, WA


"Before finding Skinny Love and the hcg program, I had tried unsuccessfully for many years to find how to lose fat with various mainstream and non-conventional diet plans (and found myself continuing to put weight on). Hcg REALLY works! I lost 11kg in one round and have never felt healthier. My skeptical brain told me that it was just the low calorie dieting doing the work here (see "what happens if I take hcg and eat normally"), so I trialled the eating plan without the drops for two weeks where my body lost a couple of kilos initially, but then plateaued for the remainder of the two weeks; it is definitely the drops in combination with the eating plan that sees weight loss success. After years of trialling various diets, (some claiming to be scientifically proven methods how to lose belly fat etc.) to achieve weight loss, it is a huge relief to finally find something that works and is actually purely effortless to do." - Maryanne, QLD


"Jenny Ireland is my name and I just love the results from using Skinny Love HCG. I started in August 2015 and am now on my third round. I have lost 19 kilos and feel absolutely fantastic, my overall health has improved greatly and I would not hesitate to recommend Skinny Love fat loss diet to anyone who would love to shed some unwanted kilos." - Jenny, NSW

"I have been on Skinny Love HCG original drops and following diet plan for 23 days and have lost 4.25 kg. Having had rheumatoid arthritis for several years and not taking prescription meds for the pain, I find now I am slowly regaining more and more mobility in my left elbow. The Skinny Love HCG homeopathic hcg drop formula and all fresh food diet are helping me. Can't wait till the end of the 42 days to see the end results". - Claudette, Keppel Sands.


"I am Karen from Townsville, I am now on Round 2, Phase 2 and to date 23 kg down. This is life changing. My thyroid blood tests for my Hashimotos are mind-glowingly fantastic !! & My cholesterol has improved. Thanks for your support and encouragement and excellent product at an excellent price!" - Karen, Townsville


"I am on my second round with your drops, I lost 21.8 kg and 87 cms!" - Karen, Townsville

"Hi. I am currently in my first round of Skinny Love HCG. I am having fantastic results and my clients in my nail salon are wanting it!" - Kristy


"Today I measured myself and was very happy that i lost 7cm around my hips. Just to go a little back, P2D12 i went for a check up at the doctor and my BMI had already started to come down, my blood test was perfect and overall health is much better. I'm now P2D32 and i have lost 9.4kgs in total :D I'm super happy with my results and the wonderful support i get really couldn't ask for better :) Cant wait to post more pictures of the end result! - Tash, NSW


“It has been wonderful, I lost 10 kgs in 14 days!...” - Helen, QLD


"In 5 days I've lost 12 kg's & my son has lost 11 kg's! - Miriam & David, NSW"

"Since early June 2016, I have lost 13.3kg following the Skinny Love HCG protocol. In my first round of 26 days I lost 8.9kg and then a little more through the transition & maintenance phases. Now on day 12 of my 2nd round I’ve lost 4.2kg. I’ve gone from being in the middle of the overweight range for my height, through into what is considered in the ‘normal’ weight range (for my height) and about 4 more kilos until I’m in the middle of the normal range. Along the way I got into my ski pants from last year, then into my rock climbing harness (yay I get to go climbing again), then into my jeans from before childbearing (7 years previous)(awesome, cause I love those jeans), to the weight I met my partner in and now I am heading to the weight I was at uni. Passing these milestones (in reverse) has been so thrilling. The weight had been creeping on over the years and at 47 years old it has been difficult to shift. I had tried eating sensibly and exercising and at one stage I was doing about 3-4 hours of exercise a day (about 5 days a week). I was fit, but the weight just wasn’t shifting. The ‘return for effort’ didn’t stack up - something else had to be going on. A friend, thrilled about her Skinny Love HCG weight loss - shared her experience and info. Some family members dismissed the diet saying that the weight loss was ‘just water’ and considered it ‘crash dieting’. It couldn’t be ‘just water,’ not with the amount of water you drink and then being able to keep it off during the maintenance phase (which is basically eating paleo) - the criticisms soon stopped. Now my partner finally has the woman back he dated initially and I’m feeling slim and sexy. I’ve lost 4.5cm around my waist; 14cm over my hips/bum, 12.5cm over my belly(navel) and 8.5cm from my thigh. The diet isn’t hard. It’s a commitment (I missed carbs in my first round but not this round) and needs some organisation to do well- - but jumping on those scales first thing in the morning and being so quickly rewarded for the commitment of the previous day, makes it worth it. From my experience, I couldn’t recommend this diet enough. Thank you so much for having these drops available at a reasonable price."
- Liça, Qld 17/8/16


"For me 10kgs gone to goal & holding, so happy with that! Another friend was close to 18 kg in 6 weeks!" - Kerry, Noosa

"I find your drops the best. I have lost 7 kilos first 21 day round and kept that off and then 2nd round 6 kilos. I am going to do another 21 day round and hope to get off close to the last 8. Your customer service is A one also.😊" - Renee, QLD

"I’m really very pleased. I have lost 7.4 kg so far, and for me that is very good. I have to say, this is the first fat loss ‘diet’ where I absolutely do not feel hungry at all! And that’s great! And it’s the first time that I feel that I will ‘get there’. With previous regimes, I expect to fall of the wagon and did." Vivien, VIC


"Thanks great item - 11kg lost!!"


"Can't wait to start - my mum has been doing this and lost 5kg in 2 weeks!! So excited :)"


"Perfect! Just as described and mailed promptly!"


"Great product"


"Item was received one day after purchase. Seller was exceptional to deal with ☺"


"This has been the easiest, diet I’ve ever done, I would highly recommend it”. 

- Tanya, NSW


"I used these homeopathic skinny hCG drops over Xmas as I didn't want to put any weight on knowing I had a big NYE bash to attend - they worked fab for me, gave me plenty of energy and just took those hunger pains away while eating less, I actually lost weight over Xmas which is a bloody miracle for me"......Louise - Noosa, QLD


"I have been struggling to loose those last few stubborn extra kilo's for years and have tried every diet known to man. With my daughters wedding coming up on the calendar I took these drops for 3 cycles and achieved my goal!!"....Sharon - Rose Bay, NSW


"When I go away on holidays or business trips I take these drops because I know I'll be eating more food than normal and I never put on any weight on"....Kimberely -St.Kilda VIC


"I hate diets but I dont mind them when they actually work! I stuck to the hCG diet and took my drops, easily lost all the body fat I wanted in record time"......Matthew - Brisbane, Qld.


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